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We challenge you - How local can you go? With the help of curated Half Harvest Box, you can make local a large part of your diet. This weekly collection will give you all you need to enjoy many meals sourced entirely from the producers of your area!

Each box will include:

1 dozen Free Range Chicken Eggs

1 Fresh Baked Bread

$40 value Pastured Meats (3-5 items). Will include 2 steak, pork chops, chicken OR fish AND a staple items like ground, stew, sausage, chicken thighs.

$30 value Produce (5-7 items). Will include salad items, staple vegetables like onion, potato, carrot for soups, side dishes or roasting & other fruits (apples in winter) and vegetables as they are available throughout the seasons.

1 package cheese

2 prepared meal item- Pot pies, Mac & Cheese, Taco Dip, Empanadas, Pizza, Soups & more!

1 dessert item

1-2 pantry item such as jam, honey, maple syrup, grilling sauce, pickles, nuts, pasta, etc.

1 bag locally roasted coffee

*You can add custom items to your weekly order by simply shopping from our store as you have been. Use code "Moreplease" at checkout to waive additional shipping. To modify your box with your favorite items, please email, we customize wherever possible.

Assembled from Farmer at the Door partners.

The Full Harvest Box

SKU: 25.9007000
Price Options
One-time purchase
Full Harvest Box
Weekly Subscription
$175.00every week until canceled
Full Harvest Box
Monthly Subscription
$175.00every month until canceled
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