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Lauren Parente had always been drawn to good foods and has long been a label reader. 

Once her children were born, she became very focused about food. 

She read and researched and scouted around. Only chemical free, unprocessed, whole foods

would do for these new little humans. The more she learned, the more Lauren felt sure

that this was the best way to feed their whole family. 

One day, during the car ride from her friend the herbalist's home to her friend the baker's home, 
Lauren was overwhelmed with gratitude for the talented people in her life.

She felt so lucky to have all these quality products to nourish her family,

while everyone around her was complaining, "I just don't have time to

get around to all those places! I'll have to settle for the big grocery store." 

You can probably guess what happened next.

An idea was born, and shared, and put into practice.

In November of 2021, it was time to pass the business baton to a farmer in the Farmer at the Door network, Jessica Petrie- Cummings and her husband Brian of Petrie Family Farm. With prices and inflation running rampant, and after the severe change in the way people shopped during "the pandemic", Jessica knew that her skill set was aligned with growing the company that had helped grow her farm and not just growing produce any more!

Looking at the company with fresh eyes, she began filling in gaps on the household grocery list. Making the company more than a specialty "niche" market and growing it to accomodate changing times and busy households.

Farmer at the Door now boasts over 35 farms in Central Ma to accomodate our clients and help keep our local community strong!


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