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Sip what the bees sip! Our flowers and herbs are harvest all season long and dehydrated to preserve color and maximum potency. Try our different mixes by steeping in a tea ball for 15 minutes. Add honey to taste.

* Tea balls available in Beverages section under Coffee & Tea Accessories

Catnap Catnip Tea- Catnip is a mild sedative and can help you lull you to sleep.

Chocolate Mint Tea- Wonderful aroma, great for clearing congestion and stuffy noses

Flower Power Tea- Rose, calendula, viola, lavendar flower make a delicious blend and powerful antiviral, antioxidant.

Relax Tea- Lavendar leaf, rose petals, lemongrass and rose petals make a delicious blend to calm your nerves.

Raspberry Leaf- Delicious for anyone, but noted for it's benefits for pregnant and nursing moms

Spice It Up- Spicey nasturtium and Bee Balm have a gentle peppery flavour, blended with calendula & ginger for body.

***All teas are full of antioxidants and good for a healthy immune system.



Sourced from Petrie Family Farm Brimfield Ma

Petrie Farm Tea 4 oz

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