Meet your neighbors! Each passionate about their purpose, masters at their craft, and committed to creating the best of the best for you and me to enjoy.

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Mother Bear Skin Care Brimfield Ma
All natural bath & body products
Gabrielle Lavallee
 Gabrielle's daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2018 at six years old, her daughter suffers from eczema and psoriasis. Gabrielle wanted to find natural alternatives to store shelf products to use on her daughter's delicate skin, so she learned how to make natural creams and body butter at home only using top quality organic ingredients to help manage her daughter's dry delicate skin. Gabrielle wanted to help others with similar skin conditions and decided to grow her business and launch Mother Bear Skincare's product line for all skin types. Gabrielle is dedicated to crafting healthy all-natural and affordable products to enhance your natural beauty! Mother Bear Skincare's products are mindful of the environment and of your carbon footprint. Gabrielle's goal is to create high-quality, all-natural hand-crafted products that you can be proud to gift to loved ones, display in your home, and use on your skin.
The Bread Box Co - Sturbridge, MA
Hand Crafted Fresh Breads and Baked Goods
Tamsin Lucey

Tamsin Lucey's parents managed British Pubs; her teen years were spent preparing traditional pub food from scratch. She has cooked from scratch ever since.  Now in the USA,  she draws on those years of experience every day baking for The Bread Box Company.  Tamsin uses traditional home baking methods to make all her artisan breads and baked products. She believes strongly in health through clean foods and preserving our land for generations to come. Tamsin proudly uses locally sourced farm-fresh and organic products as available. Her ingredients are non GMO, and contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

Breezeland Orchards - Warren, MA
New England Orchard Fruits
The Tuttle Family

The Tuttle family is proud to honor the rural New England farming traditions, on the 190 acre apple orchard that has been owned and operated by the family since 1896. We practice low ecological impact farming which reduces pesticide use. Our Worcester County orchard is more than a business, it’s been our way of life for five generations.

Brynne's Bread - Oakham, MA
Organic Breads & Baked Goods
Brynne Stark

Brynne Stark discovered her love for baking bread in her mid 20’s. Tired of the tasteless bread available in your typical supermarket, she decided to see what it took to bake a loaf of bread. Since that first loaf, Brynne’s appreciation for the simple ingredients of bread has grown. Being a believer in local foods, local farms and local business, Brynne has made sure to include not only the highest quality ingredients, but ingredients that might come from your neighbor or even the farm up the road. 

Beginning by baking for a few friends and family, Brynne's Bread now has a large local following. Brynne continues to grow as a baker, attending workshops such as the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine and Shaping French Breads at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT.  In 2017, Brynne and her husband Chris built a wood-fired, earthen oven, and in 2019 they built an adorable traveling bread caravan to take her goods to market. 

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The Domesticated Wild Child - Spencer, MA
Organic & Ethically Wild Harvested Herbal Infusions
Corinn Algier Miner

The desire to be able to spend more time with my daughter and to focus more on herbalism has brought The Domesticated Wild Child from dream to reality. In a world which has been saturated with toxic, synthetic products, the hope is to reset back to more holistic times and embrace herbs and their magnificent healing powers.  Embrace your inner wild child!

Only organic and/or ethically wild-harvested ingredients are used in my recipes whenever possible - which is almost always! I handcraft all my recipes in small batches, so they are at their most fresh and effective state when you receive them.  A whole lot of love and passion goes into each product I create and sell, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as our family does.

Farmer Matt - West Brookfield, MA
Grass Fed and Finished Beef
Matt Koziol

West Brookfield, MA local, Farmer Matt, manages 265 acres of farmland in the Brookfields and surrounding towns. Much of the land he farms has been certified organic since 2015.

Farmer Matt also offers custom haymaking for many of the local farms and serves as the Chair for the Agricultural Commission in town.

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Frederyque's Delights - Ware, MA
Organic Pies, Cakes & Cupcakes
Frederyque Koetsch

Frederyque used to hate cooking or anything of the sorts. Then, after she married her husband she started trying to bake - and fell in love. First she mastered pies, then moved on to cupcakes, cakes, and muffins, eventually branching out into breads, pastries, and gluten free baking. Frederyque has found her passion and is constantly trying new things, all the while honoring a commitment to using local produce and organic ingredients. This passion has become a family business, with her husband William helping out with decorating and administrative tasks until their daughter gets older and joins in too. 

Front Yard Farm - Ware, MA
Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables, Free Range Eggs
Kelly Wheeler & Chris Allard

It all started with their desire to grow their own food - and it all started in their front yard. Today Kelly and Chris produce vegetables, fruits, and eggs on multiple acres and in several greenhouses.

All our products are raised using sustainable practices that feed the soil and utilize methods like crop rotation and row covering to avoid the use of harmful pesticides. We believe that for our gardens to be truly healthy, we need to support habitat for beneficial insects. We do this by avoiding pesticides and planting a large diversity of crops to support the "good bugs". Although we use a Beyond Organic methodology that is free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs we are not certified by the USDA. However, we are committed to ensuring the health of our community and our environment which deeply informs our farming practices. Chemical free is the way to be!  

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Grimes Apiary, Brookfield MA
Raw Honey
Donald Grimes

Our beekeeping interest started in 1981 when Donald Grimes wanted an agricultural hobby, and gravitated toward the one his uncle and great uncle enjoyed, even though he didn't like the taste of the honey his parents bought from the store. That year Donald attended the Worcester County Beekeepers Association annual bee school. After the completion of bee school, Donald purchased his first hive from legendary beekeeper Frank Lagrant of Ware, MA. He found the hives very interesting and would sit watching the honeybees fly in and out, wondering what actually was happening within the hive. 


During Donald’s first year as a beekeeper he was only able to harvest 6 meager pounds of honey. While extracting it, Donald decided to try the fresh honey from his hive and to his surprise it was actually delicious - nothing like the honey that his parents purchased from the grocery store.

It has now been 32 years since Donald purchased his first hive. With the support of family and friends, Grimes Apiary has evolved from a single hive to a successful business serving the surrounding towns with 100% natural, pure, delicious raw honey and bee products.

Grown Up Farm, Belchertown MA
Cultivated Mushrooms & Specialty Vegetables
Clarissa & Michael Madden

This family runs a tiny farm in Belchertown, growing veggies and mushrooms in the most eco-friendly and sustainable ways they can. Both Clarissa & Mike are chefs, and bring a true appreciation for fine foods to their farming. The couple enjoyed foraging for wild mushrooms for many years before they began cultivating. 
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Harms Family Farm, Brookfield MA
Pure Maple Syrup
Lucas & Sonya Harms

Luke has been producing delicious maple syrup since 2006 in Maine and Massachusetts and Sonya has been working on and managing farms from Massachusetts to California since 2007, and making amazing maple syrup with Luke since 2011.


At Harms Family Farm we are dedicated to producing food that is healthy for the earth and all its inhabitants.  We are passionate about producing the highest quality and best tasting maple syrup for your eating enjoyment. This is why we use only a wood fired evaporator and filter through cotton. No fancy machines, just the way it’s been done for generations.

Spice by Rachel Sweet
Handcrafted organic spice mixes
Rutland Ma

Spice by Rachel Sweet combines a love of healthy delicious food and a mission to bring it within easy reach of the home cook. Rachel aims to make unique and flavorful dishes practical for weeknight meals. All ingredients are the highest quality organic spices available and are listed by country on her packets.

Rachel's spices are blended to perfection, come with recipe cards and are in plant based packing. What's not to love?

Janice Dunham's Kitchen - Ware, MA
Small Batch Beer, Wine & Fruit Jellies
Janice Dunham

Janice Dunham started off as a small home bakery and now also makes beer and wine jelly with Tree House Brewery Beer and Hardwick Winery Wine.  Janice makes each batch one pot at a time.  


Janice likes spending time with her family, shooting archery, and taking care of her oxen and chickens (which is where the logo comes from).


Jay's Wicked - Ware, MA
Small Batch Gourmet BBQ & Hot Sauces and Spice Blends
Jason & Shannon Green


Jay's Wicked is owned and operated by husband and wife team Jason and Shannon Green.

Jason has been a chef since 2002. When you taste his food you know he loves his job! He has a knack for using science to amp up his creations, leaving you with an amazing spectrum of flavor combinations. Shannon is a student of herbalism and an advocate for sustainable farming practices. Together the couple produces their small batch, all natural sauces at the Western Mass Food Processing Center in Greenfield, MA, sourcing as many local ingredients as possible. Their dedication to using locally derived ingredients has earned them membership in CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture).

Currently they source from:

Hubbard's Dry Brook Farm - Sunderland, Ma; Autumn Morning Farm - Barre, Ma;

Squash, Inc. - Belchertown, Ma.

The majority of their products are vegan, they use no gluten ingredients, they have a focus on sustainable product packaging... and as their motto goes,  they'll help you easily "Enhance the Flavor of Anything".

Maple Mama - Wendell, MA
Craft Sparkling Beverages
The Laur Family


When Joe and Sara moved to their small New England town and learned how to tap the trees in their backyard, their love affair with ‘Mother Earth’s own sweetener,’ began. THey knew its goodness came from deep in the natural, organic soil. But when their kids, Maya and Sam, got older and started asking for soda pop—that’s when they discovered the real magic of maple.

Turns out, maple has enough antioxidants and nutrients to be considered a superfood. So, they got the idea to make something good for their kids by blending sparkling water, natural flavors and a few drops of their maple sweetener cooked up on the kitchen stove. When blended just right, it brightened the other flavors for a truly fresh and satisfying taste.

They began selling it at local fairs. Folks couldn’t believe the sparkling beverage was 100% sweetened by healthy maple and nothing else! And that’s how Maple Mama was born.

Our Family Garden - Belchertown, MA
Homemade Canned Goods
Darvin & Helena Martin


Though they grew up in communities nearly 3,000 miles apart, Darvin and his wife Helena both have experienced and appreciated homemade canned goods since their childhood. Now since 2016 they have been seeking out ways to bring this to you, a true family effort as they teach their children the generations-old process on their farm in western Massachusetts. First with applesauce and preserves, and then broadening out with a line of tasty tomato products, they make it their goal to share their heritage of homemade fruits and vegetables. 

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The Petrie Family Farm - Brimfield, MA
Chemical Free Produce, Herbs & Flowers, Homestead Livestock Supply, Perennial & Vegetable Plants.
Jessica Petrie-Cummings


 Though this property has been a sufficiency farm as far as I can trace, my parents William and Garma Petrie started their homestead here in 1982. Clydesdale horses dragged the logs from the forest for my father to build our home and sugar shack, while my mother planted crops and raised goats, chickens and rabbits. "Herbal Delights" was my mother's plant stand, where she shared her love of culinary and homeopathic herbs. Many of the varieties she grew can still be found here today! In 2015, I restarted the family farm, on a wing and a prayer, in their honor. It has since grown, not only to sustain us, but a portion of our community as well. The Petrie Family farm grows non-GMO heirloom vegetables, fruits and herbs. We raise heritage animals and provide animals to other homesteads and hobby farmers.

Livestock & other products can be found on www.petrie-family-farm.myshopify.com.

Info on us can be found on www.petriefamilyfarm.com

Red River Farm & Landscape Supply - West Brookfield, MA
Pastured Meats, Free Range Eggs, Honey
Frankie, Marcel, Beck, Jean, & Julie


Red River Farm & Landscape Supply is family owned and operated. We each have our own story as to why we do what we do on the farm - from a love for animals, to a knack for driving and fixing equipment, talent at planning farm events, veterinary skills, or an affinity for store-keeping and customer relations. From owners to staff we all wear many hats and take on a variety of roles to ensure great customer service and humane care and treatment of our animals.

Our mission includes a strong emphasis on locally grown. On our land we keep honey bees and raise our own livestock on a combination of pasture and non-GMO grain grown right on Clover Hill Farm in Hardwick. The animals love visitors, so we hope you will stop by the farm to say hi! We also stock items from other local producers, including foods, body products, and home and garden decor. In addition we offer firewood and a wide variety of landscape materials. From all of us at the farm, thank you for your support!

Revive Coffee Roasters - Sturbridge, MA
Locally Roasted Organic Coffee
Eric Azevedo


Here at Revive Coffee Roasters our goal is simple; make great coffee accessible to everyone.

All of our beans are certified organic, grown in small farming co-ops in Colombia and Indonesia, and sustainably sourced. We want to bring you the best coffee but also watch our impact on the environment too. 

Robinson Farm - Hardwick, MA
Organic Farmstead Cheeses & Pastured Meats
Pamela & Raymond Robinson Jr.


We are a 5th generation diversified dairy farm that has been in operation for over 100 years. We produce certified organic raw milk from 100% grass fed cows, award winning cheese, seasonal vegetables, eggs, and pasture based beef and pork. In our time as stewards of this land, we strive to maintain sustainable, organic, humane agricultural practices that are in tune with the seasonal rhythms of the farm.

We are a farmstead operation, which means that we grow all of our feed, graze our cows on our pastures, raise our own replacement heifers and use only our milk for our cheese.


Since 2010, we have been producing a variety of raw milk, farmstead cheeses which are aged with love in our on-site 'caves'. We truly enjoy the pursuit of crafting traditional style cheese. We adhere to best practices and abide by the highest production standards. We are founding members of the MA Cheese Guild and our cheese has won multiple national awards.

Our herd is a mix of Normandy, Jersey & Holstein-crossed cows. Our girls graze on our own mixed flora pastures and in turn make the milk that provides the mix of protein, volume & fat that we prefer for our cheese. They produce very tasty, creamy raw milk. The land on which the cows graze is reflected in the 'terroir' (local character) of our cheese.

Still Life Farm, Hardwick, MA
Year Round Vegetables and Fruits
Halley & Curtis Stillman


Once the Hardwick Poor Farm, circa 1850, Still Life Fruit Farm is flourishing today thanks to the efforts of owners and husband and wife team, Curtis and Halley. 

Curtis purchased Still Life Farm in May of 2010 and has been reclaiming the property ever since, removing large stands of invasive multi-flora rose and planting new orchards and row crops! He is a graduate of University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science. He spent his younger years learning to farm alongside his father Glenn, who owns Stillman's Farm. Curtis aspires to grow the business into a diverse fruit and vegetable farm. 

Halley is a graduate of Friends University in Wichita KS.  She graduated with a B.S. in both Field Biology and Zoo Science. She has vegetable growing experience at Stillman's Farm and Bear Hill Farm, and her many years as a volunteer at Heifer Project in Rutland, MA make her an old hand at animal husbandry. 

Curtis and Halley were married in August of 2014 and have been running the farm together full-time ever since, welcoming the next generation of farmers with the birth of their son, Kip, in the winter of 2020.

Turnabout Farm Baked Goods, Brookfield, MA
Small Batch Homemade Jams
Lee Fernandez


Lee Fernandez has been farming all her life. Sixteen years ago her family bought a small farm in Brookfield, where she lives today with her hubby, horses, dogs, cats, and one ridiculous rabbit. Creating foods from healthy, clean, responsibly raised produce has always been important to Lee, but now that her family is expanding it has become a mission - only the best for her treasured grandchildren. 

Lee's jams are special - they are fruity delicious and very low in sugar. Almost all of the fruits she uses are grown locally. What she does not grow herself comes from fellow farmers who are as conscious of the dangers of chemicals and GMO's as Lee is.  All her jams are gluten free, dairy free and vegan, and include a wide selection with wonderful flavor combinations. Give them a try and remember what a jam should taste like!