Love Elderberry syrup but don't love the price? Into DIY but unsure of where to locate quality organic herbs?
Look no further. The DWC has created a DIY Elderberry syrup kit - all you need to do is simmer, mix with honey or maple syrup, and bottle. Each kit is packaged in a compostable, airtight lined bag, with detailed instructions on how to create your own Elderberry syrup.

The kit is available in two sizes:
Small: makes approx. 3 cups of syrup
Large: makes approx. 6 cups of syrup
(Herbs can be re used for a second batch of equal size)


Be sure to source your local maple syrup or honey from Farmer at the Door, too!


Sourced from The Domesticated Wild Child, Spencer MA 

Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit - small or large


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