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With 30 farms and vendors we have alot of chickens in network! As they become available or not through the season, you'll see new eggs in the drop down box.

Benoit's Farm, Hardwick Ma. Mixed size dozen.

Kosley Farm- pastured & supplemented with organic pellets and produce. Colorful mixed size unwashed dozen.

Petrie Family Farm, Brimfield. Colorful mixed size dozen. We feed cut microgreens trays, fresh wheat grass and our own grains & herbs dried over summer. Our flocks are supplemented with Poulin Layer Pellets.

Seabrite bantum eggs- help save a rare breed!

Bantum  eggs are small but the yolk to white ration is greater, making them preferred by chefs for making hollandaise sauce. They also pickle perfectly since you can fit many in a jar with less space open for brine.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

SKU: 25.0115000
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