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With 40 farms and vendors we have alot of chickens in network! Currently, many aren't laying because of winter daylight hours, you'll see them in red below. Anyone with eggs available now is in green.

Benoit's Farm, Hardwick Ma. Mixed size dozen.

Crazy Chicken Lady Network. Mixed size dozen from area backyard chicken flocks.

Ducki Farms with the patriotic boxes, free range.

Farley's Farm, Barre Ma. Mixed size dozen

Petrie Family Farm, Brimfield. Colorful  mixed size dozen Soy free, Non- Gmo corn.  Also Seabrite bantum eggs- help save a rare breed! ( Currently reserved for Bread Box Company Scotch Eggs)

Spoiled Chicken Family (Autism in my pocket), Brimfield. Small bantum silkie eggs dozen.

The Bees Waxy Knees, Brimfield. Easter egg mixed size dozen. Organic, soy free, colorful.


Bantum (this includes Silkies) eggs are small but the yolk to white ration is greater, making them preferred by chefs for making hollandaise sauce. They also pickle perfectly since you can fit many in a jar with less space open for brine.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

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