Milk bottled on site from Cooper's Hilltop Farm Rochdale, Ma.

Whole Milk: Our whole milk contains on average 3.8% cream, or all of the cream that the cows provide. This whole
milk is not available in most stores; it reminds you that milk is a food as well as a beverage. Whole milk in stores is
regulated to be 3.25% butterfat content.

Low-Fat Milk: Our low-fat milk has a cream content between the whole and skim milk at just a touch over 1.5%. Low-
fat milk is our largest seller for milk these days.

Skim Milk: To make our skim milk we remove all of the cream. It tastes sweet and fresh, and you should not feel
deprived when you choose to drink our skim milk. Skim milk is a popular choice for those looking to decrease their fat
or calorie intake.



Milk -Glass Bottles

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