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1/4 lb bag of spring perennials & baby greens. This mix will change as plants pop up and mature. Early spring includes Egyptian walking onion (scallion type perennial onion), lovage ( a celery flavored herb), sorrel ( lemony perrenial lettuce) and a mix of baby greens mizuna, red mustard, chard, arugula, radish, carrot. Diverse & tastey!

*Currently late spring greens includes a variety of baby veggies like carrots or beets, scallion or chive, choi sum, radish pods and edible flowers.

* Mix may be topped with microgreens to achieve wieght- spring greens can quite finicky!


Grown on Petrie Family Farm, Brimfield MA 

Spring Salad Mix - 4 oz

SKU: 18.0090000
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