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Choose from a Family 2 pack or Family 4 pack. You will recieve 25 or 50 pounds of various cuts of dry aged beef sourced from Farmer Matt, New Braintree Ma. Please note online and offline payment options and choose accordingly.

2 Pack- 25 pounds of assorted cuts of beef, including 8 – 1lb ground beef packages, 6 high-end steaks, a roast, 1 package of hamburg patties, 1 package of stew beef, and 1 package of beef sausage.

4 Pack- 50 pounds of assorted cuts, including 16 – 1lb ground beef packages, 12 high-end steaks, 2 roasts, 2 packages of Hamburg patties, 2 packages of stew beef, and 2 packages of beef sausage

Farmer Matt Family Packages

SKU: 52.374
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