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Flavored Vincotto – Aged in oak barrels

Fig – BEST USE: Meats, fish, soups, cheese, desserts. 8.5 oz

Raspberry – BEST USE:  Meats, salads, fruit sorbets, ice cream. 8.5 oz

Lemon – BEST USE: Grilled meats, fish, salads, sorbets.8.5 oz


Sweet white wine vinegar. Bianco (white). 8.45 oz

Giuseppe Giusti Modena – Aged Balsamic 16.9

8-year-old balsamic. Winner of two Gold Medals. 8.4 oz

Giuseppe Giusti Modena – Balsamic Glaze 16.9 oz



Balsamic Vinegars

SKU: 35.2
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