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Collecting Eggs
Rocky Acres
We bring the
farms to you- easy peasy!

All Your Favorite Local Products, Delivered Right to Your Door

There are SO MANY amazing farmers and artisans right here in Massachusetts. 

Alas, there is SO LITTLE TIME in a day! You are too busy to drive and drive to get to them all.

[This is where we come in.] IMAGINE the best tasting, highest quality groceries appearing right on your doorstep!


We gather only the best foods sourced from local producers using beyond-organic and sustainable practices. We proudly showcase our selections of just-picked chemical free produce, free range eggs, pastured meats, grass fed cheeses, fresh-baked bread, pure maple syrup, local honey, and more, all together in one place.


You simply FILL your online cart, and THEN WAIT for us to deliver your selections right to your home.


Easy peas-y. 








Plants produce phytochemicals (a.k.a. vitamins and nutrients) which build up their resistance to bugs and weeds. When synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are used, less phytochemicals are made. Luckily, our farmers use natural practices that allow that produce to hold onto its nutritional value. 


Studies say that the higher antioxidant levels in organic foods may enhance their aroma and taste - our experience says that this is absolutely true. 

MORE MONEY (in your pocket)

Buying local means you don't have to pay the packer, the transporter, corporate and store employees, help cover the store's electric bill, or factor in the cost of extra packaging to protect your items on their long journey. Heck, paying your neighbors instead of the big guys might even raise your property value!


With our delivery system one driver does the work of many people, in one trip. And your food only travels once - from its source right to you. This means far less emissions! (Want more info? Check out this study.) 


Our reusable bags and boxes, and minimal product packaging, mean that your consumption produces far less trash!


Supporting sustainable agriculture means keeping toxins out of our soil, tap and ground water. It means not taking risks on the unknown repercussions of GMO use. And it means preserving heritage breeds, heirloom seeds, and a rich human tradition for our children's children to know and enjoy.

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