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Heritage American Guinea Hog is unique red meat pork with amazing flavor. Small, tender cuts and prized lard. These pigs are known as the kobe beef of pork and are born and raised on our farm for 3 years to reach peak flavor and tenderness.

Our hogs are raised where they can forage on a high protein vegetarian diet, drink fresh spring water and supplemented with hay, homecooked slop ( oats, beans and kitchen scraps) and Poulin grains.

Our chops are smaller than your typical farm hog but I have them cut 2 inches thick, comparable in size to a lamb chop appetizer.

Ham steaks are beautiful this batch, dark red and cut 1 1/2 inches thick.

Pork belly should be cured for 1 week and then can be sliced for bacon. Ham may be cured or roasted fresh.

Raised on Petrie Family Farm in Brimfield.

Heritage American Guinea Hog-oddities

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