Toasted Roaster is a two man operation in Charlton Ma. Their beans are all imported from Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest safe suppliers. They roast & grind to order, giving you the freshest coffee you can get!

Currently choose from two varieties and multiple grind options. 12 oz bag.

Costa Rican Honey-

This elegant honey-process coffee is balanced and bright, with depth of rich cocoa notes and levity from plum and lemon verbena. The body is satiny and viscous and has a long, lingering finish. Cupping notes of milk chocolate, honey, orange and cane sugar make for a delicious cup, and this one does especially well in espresso applications as well.

Mexican Chiapa-

Most Chiapas farmers are smallholders who hand-pick the coffee cherries to ensure quality. The coffee is then brought in parchment to be dry-milled, sorted for quality and prepared for export.
Expect a medium-bodied coffee, with a heavy aroma and a delightful, citric acidity. Flavor notes of Milk Chocolate, Almond Butter and Tangerine make for a great cup of coffee.

The Toasted Roasters Coffee

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