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Try our individual recipe sized packs for easy meal prep. Packs include 3 packets of 1 TBSP each, which is enough to make 3 recipes with ( complete with recipe cards)! Simply snip open and add the contents to your own recipe or use one that's included! All packaging (including the labels!) is plant-based and fully compostable for a no-waste product.


Buttery Autumn Mix: Mild, nutty  flavor
Coconut Curry Mix: Curry with a hint of sweetness

Masala Mix: Indian-style mix without a lot of heat
Onion Soup Mix: Classic spiced onion
Slightly Spicy Cajun Mix: Not-to-hot version of Cajun spices

Sweet Fennel Mix: Sweet and savory blend for meat and grains
Walnut Delight Mix: Sweet mix for baked goods and fish
Warm Chili Mix: Chili spices with warming chocolate

Gift Set 3 pack(6 individual spice packs): Looking for something thoughtful yet practical AND environmentally conscious to give as a gift? This set of three organic spice mixes will be sure to please any lucky recipient! Included is 2 bags of Spice by Rachel Sweet Coconut Curry Mix (1 TBSP size), 2 bags of Sweet Fennel Mix (1 TBSP size), and 2 bags of Slightly Spicy Cajun Mix (1 TBSP size). The kraft paper box, glassine bags, sugarcane labels, and PLA packaging are all completely compostable for an eco-friendly gift.

Spice by Rachel Sweet- Choose flavor

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