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Made using the wines of Hardwick Winery in Hardwick MA. Wine jellies can be used just like a fruit jelly.

Quabbin Native: The Catawba grape variety used to make this wine lends itself to a delightful, bright, fresh, and fruity rose. This wine exhibits aromas of wild grapes and fresh raspberries.


Hardwick Red: Made with 100% Massachusetts Marechal Foch, this dry red wine displays a rich bouquet of berry and plum. With a full bodied flavor, this wine will age well and can be enjoyed with red meats, wild game, and rich sauces.


Pear: This semi-dry white wine combines French Hybrid grape varieties with out Heirloom pears and Bartlett pears resulting in a juicy yet savory explosion of fruit. It exhibits vibrant notes of pear and would be excellent paired with fresh salads and appetizers or simply to enjoy as a sipping wine.


Sourced from Janice Dunham's Kitchen, Ware MA 

Wine Jelly - choose variety - 6 oz

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