Made by The Bees Waxy Knees Brimfield, Ma

8 , 16oz Mason Jar Candle or Primitive Triple Star

These mason jar candles are an exact duplicate of a real size Ball canning jar. It has all the details, from the Ball name on the front, right down to the "Made in USA" on the bottom of the back.

The large 16 oz candle is more than 1 POUND of beeswax! This jar candle is a workhorse and will burn for more than 50 hours! It is perfect for any party, or as a gift for anyone who loves American-made products or loves canning! Not only that, but this doubles as a great emergency candle because this candle loves a good, long burn - burning for at least 2 hours will help prevent tunneling. Please make sure to trim the wick to 1/4" to keep the flame from getting too big.

Available in: Red, White*, Blue*, and Yellow (Natural). Citronella** available in yellow only.

*White and blue are made with whitened beeswax, which will not have a very strong beeswax aroma. White beeswax is also more costly, due to its time-consuming (and natural) whitening process, which is the reason for the cost difference.

**Citronella is made with citronella, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils."

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