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Mustard seed grow in tiny pods produced by the flowers of mustard plants. Your seeds will arrive dried, in their pods and ready for shucking. Use in recipes as usual, grind and mix with vinegar for traditional mustard or save to plant for your own spicy microgreen or fall garden crops.  Small size deli container.   

***There is no way for us to wash & prepare mustard seed, legally for you, since the seeds are so small and many particles, hairs and bugs can enter the area when shucking & separating husks and seeds cannot be washed without sprouting. Many of your seeds will fall the the bottom of the container during packing & travel. Crushing the pods and removing husks will drop the rest to the bottom or you may find that a colander with fine holes is helpful.       

Naturally grown on Petrie Family Farm, Brimfield Ma.                                       

Yellow Mustard Seed

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