Mother Bear Skincare's Whipped Body Butter will soothe & moisturize dry skin conditions, including eczema, and psoriasis, and may help repair damaged skin from the sun. This blend has a light and lovely scent of Calendula & Violet and is delicately scented with essential oils. It's made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, and pure essential oils. My whipped body butters are freshly made in small batches with natural preservatives! Handmade by me! They are NON-GMO, with No Fillers or Additives, No Chemicals!


My Natural Whipped Body Butter will help nourish your skin, leaving you feeling silky soft! This handmade rich butter goes on thick but quickly absorbs into the skin! It is whipped into a luxurious body moisturizer, that you can use from head to toe! It has a delicate floral aroma, that smells divine!

weight: 4 oz container

It’s great for all-over, lasting moisture! Especially when you apply it right after washing your hands or body! It helps your skin to seal in that moisture!

To Use- Apply onto face, hands, and body!

If you appreciate and look for products that are clean and pure for your skin, without chemicals or preservatives- this is for you!

Calendula Whipped Body Butter

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