Honey from hives in MA and CT is infused with organic herbs and spices for delicious flavor and extra health benefits! 


Serving suggestions from the producers:

Chai Infuzed Honey - Use to flavor your favorite herbal teas or coffee and spread on morning toast or muffins.

Chili Pepper Cayenne Infuzed Honey - Use in ginger tea or spice up a cup of coffee. Top on grilled salmon, chicken, pork or steaks. Spread on home fried potato patties or dip into sweet potato fries for added spice.

Cinnamon Infuzed Honey - Incorporate into baking recipes for sweetness and added cinnamon flavor instead of refined sugar.

Lavender Chamomile Infuzed Honey - Use to flavor your favorite herbal teas or use in your baking recipes instead of refined sugar for sweetness and a hint of flavor.

Matcha Infuzed Honey - Use to add additional green tea benefits to herbal teas or matcha lattes.

Turmeric Infuzed Honey - Use to add additional flavor to your favorite herbal teas and coffee. Add to golden milk recipes and also use in baking to add sweetness and additional spiced flavor.

Sourced from Bee Infuzed, Windham CT/Wales MA 

Infuzed Honey - 4 oz - choose flavor


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