Herbal infused Sunscreen with an SPF of 20+ is gentle and effective for the whole family. Containing herbs such as Calendula & Chamomile, it is a treat for the skin as well.

The base of this sunscreen is a combination of unrefined Shea butter and unrefined Coconut oil, which both have a natural SPF of about 4. Add that to a 20% ratio of non-nano/un-coated Zinc Oxide and this is closer to 30 SPF than 20, but without a laboratory to run specific testing, I can comfortably call it 20+.

Safe for whole body and face application, this sunscreen will not clog pores. 

It contains a small amount of beeswax, for a slight sweat resistance, but is in no way water proof. Always apply 20-30 minutes prior to excessive sun exposure and really every 60 minutes if in water or playing water sports. Due to the nature of this type of zinc oxide, it does not penetrate the skin, but rather sits on top of the skin. Too much water will wash off the sunscreen, which is why reapplying is necessary.

The consistency is typical of a natural sunscreen. Goes on white, though not much is needed per application and it can easily be rubbed into the skin leaving behind only the light feeling of a mineral sunscreen.

Herbal Infused Sunscreen SPF 20+