This 3 step cleaning system may be purchased as a set ($5 savings!) or individually. Customers are constantly providing me with wonderful feedback on how this system has changed their skin. All formulas are vegan. The system incorporates the following items:

Cleansing Grains: non-soap, gentle daily exfoliation cleanser. Safe for all skin types, even those with rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Hand ground herbs mixed with special clays, oats and other ingredients to nourish, soften and gently remove debris.

Infused Herbal Toner: Infused organic Witch Hazel heals, repairs and tones skin, gently, without burning, stinging or irritation.

Moisture Serum: Specially selected oils for each skin type. This final step will keep you face nicely moisturized throughout the day.

Available in the 4 common skin types:
Mature/Wrinkles/Age spots

Herbal Facial Cleansing System