Wild Scents are personal fragrance all-natural perfume oils in a convenient roll on applicator (standard 0.35oz bottle).

Made with allergy-friendly apricot kernel oil and organic essential oils for a light scent that is safe for the body. Simply shake the bottle and roll a small amount onto pulse points, nape of neck and/or spine.

Keep away from heat and direct light for prolonged shelf life. Scent may fade if stored incorrectly. The frosted glass bottle does protect the essential oil from breaking down if stored in appropriate environment.

Available in many scents:

Orange Sandalwood
Earth Day - earthy and floral with a slight touch of citrus
The Woods - like a walk in the woods
Sunburst - bright, happy, citrus
Jasmine Daydream - seductive with a touch of citrus

Sourced from The Domesticated Wild Child, Spencer MA

Handcrafted Natural Perfume - choose scent - 1 roller bottle


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