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Artisan goat milk soap, beautifully crafted and made with her goat's milk and herbs.

Hair Care Soaps( as available:

Soft & shine -not recommended for thin, fine hair good for curly/wavy /thick hair  ***not for everyday use

Daily shampoo -made with nettle and rosemary to promote strength, and growth suitable for all hair types

Rehydrate and repair -  shampoo and conditioner in one, for thick, curly, damaged hair


  To properly use bar shampoo, create thick lather in your hands first, then apply to the ends of hair and work towards the scalp.  Create lots of lather in your hair and rinse well.  Applying directly to hair and scalp can create a " greasy " look.   Please allow your hair some time to recover from the use of commercial shampoos.  It may take a few washes for the build-up of chemicals to be removed.  After shampoo, a rinse with apple cider vinegar and water is helpful to return hair to its optimal Ph level and leave it shiny and smooth.  ( you will NOT smell like a pickle !)   a little more than a tablespoon in a cup of water is more than enough


Created by a certified master herbalist in holistic medicine at Willow Rock Farm Warren Ma

Goat Milk Soaps by Willow Rock Farm

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