Looking for an alternative to sugary juice mixes? Want a healthy option for the whole family that is high in naturally occurring Vitamin C, hydrating and tasty? Plus, it is a nice bright "juice" color that kids love!!! 

1/2 ounce of herb mixture makes 1 gallon of flower Power Herbal Cooler once mixed with 1-2 cups fresh squeezed juice and/or cold water. It can also be sweetened with honey, maple syrup or agave if desired. Choose the combo that you like best and mix it up with different fruits and or sweeteners. Apples, lemons, oranges, limes are great, but strawberries, peaches, pineapple, kiwi or passionfruit would taste great too!

This package will make approximately 4 gallons of tea. Directions for brewing will be sent on a card with each order. Tea is packaged in a biodegradable, compostable, wax lined tin tie bag and can keep tea fresh for several months.

Sourced from The Domesticated Wild Child, Spencer MA


Flower Power Herbal Cooler - 2 oz (makes 4 gallons!)

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