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Cara Nonna Brand – made from durum wheat semolina

Cipriani Tagliarelle Venetian Pasta- Extra wide egg noodle

Cipriani Tagliolini Venetian Pasta- Egg ribbon pasta

Cipriani Tagliardi Venetian Pasta- Extra thin square egg noodle

Strozzapreti – An elongated pasta form of cavatelli.

Radiatori – Short, fat  pasta shapes with ruffled edges.

Capricci – this pasta is made to hold a variety of sauces. Long, tubular twists.

Cavatelli – Short pasta in the shape of a hot dog bun.

Orecchiette – “Little ear” shaped pasta bowls.

Pennoni – Extra large, tubular shaped, smooth pasta.

Pappardelle – Short, thick bands of pasta.

Bucatini Lunghi –Long, thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center.

Spaghetti-Italian Spaghetti

Al Nero di Seppia- squid ink black pasta

Jumbo Shells- 6 shells


Gluten Free Pasta

Fabricca Gluten Free – Ditaloni Rigate

Garofalo Gluten Free- Linguine Quinoa based

Casarecce Gluten Free-rolled pasta quinoa based

Casarecce Gluten Free- corn and rice flour

Dried Pasta

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