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We are excited to offer this share year round, with winter shares offering pickled items potatoes and squash! This is a once a month share. 

From Coopers:

"Starting in May 2023 we will doing monthly CSA boxes which will have a combination of our meat and farm grown vegetables. This will be a year-round CSA. Each box will also come with a recipe card and spice packet for making a meal using some of the meat and vegetables provided in the box. The box will come with a set of guaranteed meat items as well as new items each month.

Every month get 2lb of ground beef, 2lb of stew beef or beef patties, and two steaks along with a variety of other meat, seasonal vegetables, a recipe card and spice packet.

Recieve a coupon for $6 discount if supplemental order is placed on the shares delivery week. 1st week of the month.

Cooper's Farm Share- Choose Size

SKU: 28.123
Price Options
One-time purchase
Cooper's Crop Share
Year Round Crop share- pay monthly!
$70.00every month until canceled
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