CBD products are all the rave at the moment - and for good reason! Topically, they provide superb anti-inflammatory relief without any psychoactive effect, making CBD cream fantastic for all ages and situations.

The addition of pure magnesium chloride adds even more anti-inflammatory benefit, as well as helping with such things as anxiety, sleep, leg or foot cramps, restless leg syndrome, headaches, nausea in pregnancy, body odor, regulation of bowel movements, and the support of heart and thyroid function. 


Topical application is about 1/2 tsp or 10mg CBD. The 2oz jar contains approximately 202mg, and the 4oz jar contains approximately 404mg.

For maintenance (chronic headaches, anxiety) apply daily anywhere on the body.
For sleep apply anywhere on the body at bedtime.
For quick relief (cramps, aches, and pains) apply to affected area. 
For headaches apply to back of neck and tops of shoulders. 

Sourced from The Domesticated Wild Child, Spencer MA

CBD Magnesium Butter - 2 or 4 oz jar