Bolting is the classic French style of sifting flour. We use a traditional horizontal screen style “Bolting Box” that takes in our Whole Flour and separates the High Extraction flour from Middlings and Bran. This produces a sifted flour that is high in starch content found in the grain endosperm without the bran and germ, which are present in the whole flour. In lay terms, this is equivalent to what you think of as “white flour” but still high in nutritional value and without any additional additives or preservatives.


Using a blend of Winter and Spring Hard Red wheats, we sift out the bran and middlings to create a high-extract flour great for making breads. This is our closest product to what would be considered a white bread flour.


Protein: 14% with 82% extraction
Source: Domoy Farm, NY, Buck Farms, ME and Oechsner Farm, NY


Sourced from Ground Up Grain, Hadley MA

Bolted Bread Flour - 5 lb bag

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