100% Organic, all natural, non irritating, skin nourishing, acne spot treatment. 

This is a beautifully hued "dry" oil based acne spot treatment. This little weapon features Rosehip Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil and Tamanu oil along with powerhouse essential oils such as German Chamomile (which gives the product its lovely color), Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium and Lemongrass. Tamanu oil in particular is a prize fighter when it comes to acne healing, though all the oils in this blend do wonders for treating acne and reducing scars. Don't fret about oils on your face either - not all oils are created equal and these shine at the top for skin nourishing.

Apply on clean and dry skin, up to 3 times daily to affected areas, especially prior to bedtime. 

Sourced from The Domesticated Wild Child, Spencer MA 

Blemish Bomber - 0.35 oz roller bottle

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