Bite Me 100% organic herbal itch relief is packaged in a convenient glass roller for on the go use.

Safe for all ages, this product has a organic witch hazel base, infused with healing herbs such as plantain, arnica, calendula and more. Can be used as for anti-itch on bug bites, bee stings, poison weed rash and also doubles as a wound cleanser in a pinch. It will sting briefly if applied to open skin, but soothing relief will follow.

Full ingredients listing: Witch Hazel* infusion (arnica*, marshmallow*, plantain*, calendula* & chamomile*), raw apple cider vinegar*, aloe vera*, avocado oil*
*denotes organic ingredient

Sourced from The Domesticated Wild Child, Spencer MA 

Bite Me Organic Herbal Itch Relief - 1 roller bottle

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