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Choose from 2 types of salves in convenient applicators. Salves are used to heal skin conditions such as excema and also to heal muscle pain by rubbing into the skin.

1st Degree- Sooths and heal burns

Eucalyptus Beeswax Salve

Eucalyptus provided The Flower Studio in Templeton MA 

Calendula Beeswax Salve

Calendula provided by Petrie Family Farm, Brimfield Ma

Ditch the Itch Salve

Jewel weed provided by Petrie Family Farm, Brimfield Ma

Farm Hands Beeswax Salve -rose petals & ginger infused sweet almond oil & extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, local beeswax, unrefined cucumber seed oil, vitamin e oil, lavender & ginger essential oils. Rose Petals from Petrie Family Farm, Ginger from Front Yard Farm.

Happy Feet Beeswax Salve-St John’s Wort infused extra virgin olive oil, local beeswax, vitamin e oil & peppermint essential oil. St. Johns Wart from Petrie Family Farm.

Ms. Fix It Beeswax Salve-calendula & bee balm infused extra virgin olive oil & rice bran oil, local beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter & vanilla essential oil. Calendula & Bee Balm from Petrie Family Farm.


Beeswax Salves by Farley's Farm

SKU: 39.12
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