Instead of roses that will fade, get your significant other roses that will stand the test of time! Made of 100% beeswax, these candles will last far longer than real roses. As an added bonus, if you choose to burn them, they add a wonderful ambiance to any decor. (Please be sure to burn these on a dish, they WILL drip sure to their unique shape) They will burn for 3-8 hours, depending on the rose.

With your order, you will receive 6 gorgeous roses lovingly packed in a bed of stylish crimped paper, as pictured. The box you receive will differ from the picture because it will be full to the brim with crimped paper to cushion the roses on their journey to your doorstep. To achieve the same look as the photos, simply open the box and remove about half of the stuffing.

These roses are very delicate, so like real roses, please handle with care! Cold weather makes beeswax brittle, so allow them to warm up to room temp upon receipt before handling them.

Sourced from The Bees Waxy Knees in Brimfield Ma

Bees wax rose candles- singles or 6 pack

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