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Transform your daily shower into an aromatherapy experience! Pamper yourself in the Comfort of your own home. Think of shower steamers as a bath bomb for your shower that has a flat base. They are made of baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils and have a higher concentration of essential oils than your typical bath bomb. Shower Steamers are not supposed to come in contact with your skin like a bath bomb. Simply place one in the bottom of your shower and you will get the aromatherapy benefits when the steam fills the air with the natural aroma! Each Shower Steamer can be made with different aromatherapy blends according to your mood you can use them for relaxation, sleep and focus.

Whether you’re dealing with stress, sleeplessness, lack of motivation, or joy, taking an aromatherapy shower can potentially improve these things. As you inhale the vapors, the aroma activates the scent receptors in your nose, which communicate with areas of the brain that affect emotions. The warm aromatherapy steam provides you with a Spa~like experience.

My Heart Shaped Shower Steamers are made with Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Eucalyptus, and Lemon. Inhaling jasmine or using it in aromatherapy improves mood and has been reported to increase romantic and positive feelings. Lavender has a long history of calming and soothing, relieving stress as well as promoting sleep. Eucalyptus and Lemon help refresh and re-energize the body, but also has a calming, soothing effect on the mind. It can also be used to reduce stress. Sage eases anxiety and boosts alertness.

Made by Mother Bear Skincare, Brimfield Ma.

All Natural Botanical Shower Steamer

SKU: 61.123
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