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Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to many towns across central and western Massachusetts. We will consider opening delivery to any town near these areas once we have 10 confirmed customers there, so please add your name to our Waiting List

--Home area towns include: Bondsville, Brimfield, Brookfield, East Brookfield, Fiskdale, North Brookfield, Palmer, Sturbridge, Three Rivers, Ware, Warren,  and West Brookfield.

--Additional Member Towns include:  Barre, Belchertown, Charlton,  Holland,  Gilbertville,  Monson, New Braintree,   Southbridge, Spencer, Wales, Worcester( Near Worcester Aiport area only)

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, each order requires 1 flat $12 delivery fee- so fill your cart & know the best quality goods will be delivered, with care, to your home.

​How do I know I'm getting high quality products?

Great question! Farmer at the Door carefully selects each of our producers as though we were feeding our own family - because we are! We look for beyond-organic growing practices, ethical treatment of animals, land, and staff, and of course, exquisite tastes! What you get here are our personal top picks. You can read more about each of our partners here, and are always invited to call, visit, and do your own research on each one. 

When will I get my delivery?

Delivery day is Friday of each week between 10-6. If you will not be home, we ask that you leave out a cooler with ice packs for us to put your groceries in. 

Is there a minimum required order?
No, there is no minimum order size. Order as little or as much as you like, for one flat delivery rate. 

How do I get started?


Become a Farmer at the Door member! Members pay a small fee. Once you sign up you can order when you want. No minimums, no penalties for not ordering weekly. Sign up here.

What are the benefits of membership?

Because our partners produce on a small scale, the foods they grow and make are the finest around - and get snatched up quickly! The best of these items are reserved for our members. You will also have access to discounts, free product samples, members-only events, and seasonal recipes. With a low cost and complete control to choose what you get, membership is an easy way to eat well and support local business. Learn more or sign up here.

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